Sustainable products and services

The automotive industry has enabled modern societies to function efficiently, and it has given people the freedom of movement. Now mobility needs to be facilitated in a more sustainable manner. We want to enable this transformation of transportation of people and goods and we are aiming at this together with our partners Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck.

For Veho, sustainable transformation means, above all, emissions-free mobility. Due to the diverse range of electric and hybrid vehicles provided by our partners, we are able to offer first-class sustainable solutions for our clients’ mobility needs today and in the future. Depending on the vehicle type the starting point differ but the direction is common - emissions caused by traffic, whether during production or life-cycle use, must be reduced. Here, our partners have been strongly on the way for a long time, and e.g., Mercedes-Benz's Ambition 2039 goal is a significant example of this.

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