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Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files placed by a website, application or advertisement on a user's terminal device. The cookie contains a browser-specific identifier that allows our website and services to identify the browser and remember your previous visits.

Cookies are used to collect information about how you use our services, such as which page you visit the service from, which of our webpages you visit and when, what browser you use, the resolution of your monitor, the operating system of your device and your IP address. Also read our privacy statement.

What cookies are used for

Veho uses cookies for several purposes. We use cookies to enable the functionality of our webpages and to remember your choices. Cookies make our website easier to navigate and improve the user experience. Cookies are also used to analyse the use of the website and to develop the website. We also use cookies to target marketing in our own and our partners' advertising networks. This means that you may also see online advertisements about our products elsewhere when you have visited our website.

Cookie Consent

You can choose which cookies you want to allow. It is possible for you, if you wish, to prohibit the use of cookies for improving the user experience, analytics and targeted advertising. Some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and therefore it is not possible to disable these functional cookies.
You can later edit your cookie preferences at any time in the Cookie Settings at the bottom of the webpage.

Third-party cookies

Our website may also contain third-party cookies or other similar technologies used by these operators to collect information in order to provide you with targeted advertising or to provide statistics and analysis of the number of visitors to our websites. Such information may be collected by, for example, different ad networks and advertisers as well as providers of services related to visitor tracking or measurement. By means of contractual arrangements, Veho aims to ensure that third parties comply with the current legislation and regulations of the authorities.

Key ad technology partners:

  • Appnexus/Xandr, Bannerflow, Google Floodlight, Facebook, Minsight/Mplatform
  • Tag management systems used on the webpages.
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Cookies related to audience measurement, analytics, testing, content development and performance.
  • Google Analytics
  • Third-party advertising technologies (mainly advertising selling technologies)