Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility has been the purpose of Veho's existence for a long time. Veho is a family-owned company whose work is driven by an intergenerational approach: to leave both the company and the planet in a better shape than we got them.

We will achieve our environmental targets by following the principle of continuous improvement. Our offering, which includes the widest range of rechargeable cars on the market and is enabled by our partners Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck, plays a key role in reaching our emission reduction goals.

Our sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs), including specific targets and the measures to achieve these targets, are described in more detail in our sustainability report.

Our sustainability focus areas are grouped under three themes: environmental, social and governance (ESG)

  • Environmental is concerned with our impact on the environment and our ability to mitigate various risks that could harm the environment.
  • Social examines our relationships with other businesses and communities and is concerned with personnel well-being, diversity, human rights, and consumer protection​.
  • Governance is primarily concerned with business ethics, integrity, and stakeholder management.