Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work (GPTW) certificate is awarded to companies that provide a great employee experience based on the Great Place to Work Trust Index, a research-backed employee experience survey. The survey measures employee experience based on five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. The Trust Index scores the employee experience on a scale from 0-100 by collecting statements from employees through a survey and a culture audit.

We chose the GPTW score as one of the two indicators for measuring the success of our social sustainability work because it is a scalable and recognised indicator, and it is closely tied with building a great company culture.

In 2022, the Great Place to Work survey was conducted in all our operating countries: Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden. We are happy to tell that our work has been recognized with the Great Place to Work certificate in all our operating countries. The certificate is awarded to companies that perform especially well in terms of employee experience. Our goal is that the Veho employee experience will be worthy of the certificate in all our operating countries.

One of our KPIs for social sustainability is our average GPTW Trust index. Our common target is to reach 65 points in each country.

Veho has established a process on how to integrate the findings from GTPW into our leadership development plans. After we receive our GPTW scores, we implement what we learned into our operations with the interpret-identify-implement model. In each country, we organize GPTW training for managers to understand the scoring system, interpret the results, and identify development actions on a team level. Internal and external consulting support is provided to support managers in their development work related to GPTW. Each team identifies development actions in team workshops, and the result is a set of concrete improvement actions that are scheduled, planned, and implemented locally. Even though there are many different leadership cultures within the Group, they all follow this standardised process.