Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

Veho Code of Conduct is a group-wide set of principles guiding behaviour and our sustainability work. It is also the basis of our corporate culture. All Veho employees are required to go through the Code of Conduct training. The ethical guidebook is a tool for every Veho employee, and it crystallises Veho’s ethical practices.

Our Code of Conduct consists of nine principles:

  • We follow the law and good business practice
  • We are committed to fair competition
  • We respect human rights
  • We avoid conflicts of interests
  • We do not accept corruption and bribery
  • We act responsibly in the work community
  • We work sustainably
  • We protect your confidential information
  • We communicate responsibly


Supplier Code of Conduct


These Veho’s sustainability instructions for suppliers (“Instructions”) outline the requirements that Veho’s suppliers (“Supplier”) are to adhere to in their business with Veho as well as in their business relations with their own employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In these Instructions, Supplier refers to a natural person or a legal person who provides goods, components, materials or services to Veho. The definition of Supplier also includes the Supplier’s primary suppliers, contract partners and business partners who participate in the delivery of goods, components, materials or services to Veho.

The Supplier shall ensure that its primary suppliers, contract partners and business partners who participate in the delivery of goods, components, materials or services to Veho comply with the minimum requirements set forth in these Instructions and shall also provide these Instructions to the parties in question.

Compliance with legislation and regulations

The Suppliers shall abide by all legislation and regulations that apply to its operations. If the requirements of these Instructions should conflict with the national legislation, the Supplier shall comply with the requirements which are more stringent.

Ethical business

Veho expects that its Supplier refrains from bribery and corruption under all circumstances. Veho requires that its Supplier has standards and procedures in place to ensure that the Supplier’s management, employees and third parties operating on its behalf do not offer, promise, give or accept bribes or perform illicit payments (such as kickbacks or bribe payments) in order to create new business, retain existing business or secure any other illicit advantage. The Supplier shall not offer gifts or hospitality to Veho’s employees in a situation where said gifts or hospitality may influence or appear to influence the employee’s decisions in relation to the Supplier.

Preventing conflicts of interest

The Suppliers shall avoid situations where there is a conflict of interest between the Supplier and Veho, including interactions with Veho’s employees that may create a conflict of interest for the employee with regard to acting in accordance with Veho’s best interest. The Supplier shall report all possible or existing conflicts of interest that concern Veho to Veho.

Human rights

The Supplier respects human rights and does not allow discrimination, intimidation, oppression or harassment in any form. The Supplier commits to treating all employees with fairness and respect.

Any discrimination based on bias or prejudice, such as race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, family relations, religion or other similar grounds, is strictly prohibited.

Any form of threat of violence, corporal punishment, physical or verbal abuse or other harassment is strictly prohibited.

Employee rights

The Supplier ensures that all employees are notified about the central terms of their employment before committing to the work.

The Supplier commits to not employing children under the age of 15 or below the minimum age defined nationally by local law, if higher. The Supplier shall also ensure that the recruitment of young people above the minimum age but under the age of 18 does not endanger their education, health, safety or mental development.

The Supplier does not allow forced or punitive labour in any form. The Supplier provides the work on a voluntary basis and the employees are free to leave the work, in accordance with the rules known to them and which are mutually agreed. The Supplier's working hours comply with national working time legislation and collective and other similar agreements. Workers cannot be required to leave money or identification documents in the possession of their employer.

The Supplier recognises the right of employees to organise, belong to a trade union and negotiate collectively.

The Supplier shall at least offer employees salary, benefits and overtime compensation in accordance with national legislation and collective and similar agreements and shall not use the reduction of salary as a disciplinary measure.

Occupational health and safety

The Supplier commits to complying with all statutory occupational health and safety regulations applicable to the Supplier. The Supplier shall actively seek to prevent mishaps and occupational accidents and to promote occupational safety.

The Supplier must have procedures or instructions in place for the prevention of alcohol and drug use.


The Supplier commits to complying with applicable international and national environmental laws, regulations and principles that concern the sector in which the Supplier operates. The Supplier recognises its own environmental impacts and actively seeks to reduce emissions to air, soil and water.

The Supplier actively seeks means by which the Supplier can reduce its environmental damage.


At Veho’s request, the Supplier commits to providing information regarding compliance with these Instructions. The Supplier accepts that Veho has the right, by its own personnel or by an independent third-party auditor, to perform the necessary inspections on the Supplier’s premises to verify compliance with these Instructions.