At Veho we care

At Veho, the governance aspect of sustainability is all about the way we operate and our relationship with our stakeholders, including shareholders and employees.

Great Place to Work

We chose the GPTW score as one of the two indicators for measuring the success of our social sustainability work because it is a scalable and recognised indicator, and it is closely tied with building a great company culture.

In late 2021 and early 2022, the Great Place to Work survey was conducted in all our operating countries: Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden. In Sweden and Lithuania, our work has been recognized with the Great Place to Work certificate. The certificate is awarded to companies that perform especially well in terms of employee experience. Our goal is that the Veho employee experience will be worthy of the certificate in all our operating countries.

Fair Play

Adhering to our sustainability principles and Code of Conduct is everyone’s responsibility. Each Veho employee and partner should report both detected and suspected breaches of our principles. The Fair Play whistleblowing channel provides all Veho’s employees and stakeholders the opportunity to report activities that go against our principles, in confidence and anonymously. The Fair Play channel has been in use in Finland for years, and it was introduced in other Veho countries in December 2021. The channel is offered by an external partner, Whistle B.

Code of Conduct

Veho's Employee Code of Conduct is a group-wide set of principles guiding behaviour and our sustainability work. It is also the basis of our corporate culture. All Veho employees are required to go through the Code of Conduct training. The ethical guidebook is a tool for every Veho employee, and it crystallises Veho’s ethical practices.

Veho’s sustainability instructions for suppliers outline the requirements that Veho’s suppliers are to adhere to in their business with Veho as well as in their business relations with their own employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.