For Veho, environmental sustainability is primarily about our impact on the environment and our ability to mitigate potential risks that our operations present to the environment. Energy efficient operations, low-emissions electricity and heating, and material recovery are at the heart of our environmental work. We believe that investing in environmental initiatives can generate significant savings while simultaneously benefitting the planet. Caring for the environment should be a part of the everyday work of all Veho employees. ​​​​​​​


Veho Group will be climate neutral in our own operations by 2025. All Veho countries are starting from different situations, and we are identifying ways for each country to reach common goals.

We have outlined a pathway to reach our carbon neutrality goal for our own operations, and it includes the following actions:

  • Use 100% renewable energy at our properties
  • Ensuring that the majority of our employee and demo passenger cars are electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids by the end of 2023
  • Move to renewable diesel for diesel-based commercial vehicles