Veho: A Great Place to Work

We want our employee satisfaction to be #1 among major automotive companies by 2025.

In  all five Veho Group countries our work has been recognized with the Great Place to Work certificate. The certificate is awarded to companies that perform especially well in terms of employee experience. 

Veho is a great place to work, but we are constantly listening to our colleagues around the world to find out how we can become even better.

What makes Veho a Great Place to work?

At Veho, we take care of our co-workers and take pride in what we do!

The results of Veho’s Great Place to Work survey show that our employees find that their colleagues are caring, they feel like their work makes a difference, and they are proud of working at Veho.  

Because we believe that all our employees have the right to good management, Veho invests in responsible leadership and management. Right now, we are especially focusing on trust and transparency and are actively looking for opportunities to increasingly involve Veho employees in the company’s decision-making processes. 

Keep learning

We believe that learning and development is an investment in our employees’ well-being and the company itself. In practice, each employee has an individual plan outlining possible competence development needs.

Our training offering is constantly updated, as new products, procedures, and technologies evolve, and since 2021, a training center in Vantaa, Finland, has offered Mercedes-Benz-designed training programs for Veho employees.  

Diversity, equality, inclusion

At Veho, we strive for a culture where everyone can come to work just as they are. We consider diversity, equality, and inclusion as intertwined with our operations; it is something that we pay attention to in all our work. 

Veho is a family-friendly employer offering equal opportunities for everyone to develop professionally, and advance or extend their careers.

Our personnel principles include:

  • Creating and maintaining a good workplace atmosphere
  • Zero tolerance for bullying or discrimination
  • Zero discrimination based on age, gender, religion, sexuality, ability, political opinions, or ethnic origins
  • Guaranteed fair treatment for everyone.


We respect human rights and require all our partners to do the same. We do not accept any sort of discrimination, harassment, child labor, forced labor, or any other sort of exploitation.

Well-being, health, safety

The well-being of our staff is of vital importance to us, and we are taking action to promote it in all Veho countries.

All Veho employees are covered by statutory occupational health care which includes preventive occupational healthcare, medical care, and specialist services.

Safety is an integral part of our operations, and we do everything we can to ensure our employees’ safety. We measure our total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) with the end goal of zero injuries.



Students – the professionals of the future – bring in new ideas and the most up-to-date skills. To help great ideas make it into the real world, we are committed to collaborating with students.

We partner up with educational institutions to give students hands-on experience with the automotive industry, listen to their innovative ideas, and train more Mercedes-Benz brand mechanics for the future.