Veho Group Annual Review 2022: Milestones reached in 2022 set the stage for 2023

Year 2022 was marked by numerous uncertainties. Amidst the worst pandemic in a century, Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 which resulted to widespread suffering, material damage, and challenges in energy, food, and raw material availability. Inflation surged to levels unseen since the 1970s, leading to rapid interest rate hikes by central banks.

However, during turmoil, the demand for electric passenger vehicles, including battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), continued to grow robustly throughout the year.

Veho experienced sustained growth thanks to its extensive and expanding range of Mercedes-Benz products, despite ongoing component shortages. New commercial vehicle sales thrived, especially in Lithuania. Furthermore, we strengthened our collaboration with Daimler Truck AG by acquiring the import rights for Mercedes-Benz trucks and spare parts to Veho Import AB in Sweden in October 2022.

Driving Towards a Sustainable Future

We released our first sustainability report in 2022. It shows our concrete sustainability actions and efforts of which we have progressed together with the whole personnel.

The release of the first Veho Sustainability Report marked a significant milestone for our company, and we remain committed to advancing sustainable practices in the years to come. In May 2023, we published our second Sustainability Report, which shows that we are making good progress in our ambitious carbon neutrality goals.

Delivering a Five-Star Customer Experience through dedication and development

Our success lies in understanding our customers’ needs and expectations. We are dedicated to deliver a five-star customer experience.

To create a unique customer experience, Veho focuses on three key areas of development.

Firstly, continuous measurement of progress and key metrics, alongside gathering precise data and extensive feedback, ensure an authentic and impressive customer experience.

Secondly, we invest significantly in our facilities and services to fulfill our customer promise. Recent openings, such as Nacka in Sweden, and ongoing renovations, like the Vilnius premises in Lithuania, are great examples of our investments to meeting customer needs. In 2023, we plan to launch a new body and paint shop in Vantaa, Finland, and refurbish our dealership in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Thirdly, Veho places great emphasis on fostering a positive organizational culture that prioritizes staff well-being. Great Place To Work certification achieved in 2022 reflects our commitment to creating a supportive work environment across all our operating countries. This certification plays a vital role in attracting exceptional employees and retaining talent, essential for delivering the Five-Star Customer Experience.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences and creating an outstanding work culture support our success in sustainable movement.

“Year 2022 demonstrated our deep commitment to sustainable practices, employee satisfaction, and consistent operations across different markets. With many important milestones reached, we are firmly positioned to continue our growth in the year 2023,” declares Veho Group CEO Juha Ruotsalainen.  

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