Exceeding customers expectations every day

Veho’s key competitive advance is the superior customer experience. The experience that Veho creates for our customers is based on three key cornerstones of our operation: customer understanding, excellent service, and the best products. Through them, we must exceed the expectations of our customers.

We invest in a strong customer insight

Veho customers deserve a superior customer experience.

A strong customer understanding is not built on a feeling, but requires, first and foremost, the ability to listen. So that is what we do.

In addition to valuable spontaneous comments, we collect feedback through surveys and interviews and use NPS metrics to monitor how many of our customers would recommend us to others. We also conduct regular research on trends related to motoring and car acquisition.

Service at the right time in the right place

While the competitors might set the pace, we understand that it is our customers who ultimately decide whether they want to do business with us or not.

We think that the best customer experience is born where digital and physical services seamlessly interact, and we use digital tools to serve our customers in an even more versatile and proactive way than before.

Our services always solve the customer's real need, and we offer the customer a solution even before the actual need arises. An example of this is the Uptime service for trucks that provides real-time information on the condition of the vehicle and its future maintenance needs, so we can promptly plan the best possible time and geographical location for maintenance activities.

It all starts with the best products and strong brands

Veho is Finland's best-known automotive brand, and Mercedes-Benz is Europe's most valuable brand and the world's second most valuable car brand.

According to brand research, Veho is associated with, among other things, reliability, expertise, and prompt service. However, the best products do not stand out without the best service - and we are always striving to become better.

A lot is expected of Veho, and we do our utmost to live up to the expectations every day.